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What injuries can result from motorcycle accidents?

This post provides readers with information on some of the types of injuries that may result when victims are involved in motorcycle accidents. It is important that readers understand, however, that this post does not provide legal or medical advice. Professional support should be sought by individuals who experience harm in collisions and crashes involving motorcycles.

Driving distractions and motorcycle accidents

The summer months are a great time for Minnesota residents to get out of their homes and enjoy road trips. While some may choose to take their rides in their four-wheeled vehicles, others may elect to cross the state on their motorcycles. Motorcycles are an efficient and safe means of travel when drivers and motorcyclists both abide by the rules of the road. When drivers allow distractions to cloud their operating skills, however, motorcyclists can be seriously hurt.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Spring has arrived in Minnesota, and thus more motorcyclists will be taking their bikes out of storage and hitting the road. Due in part to the fact that this is a popular time of the year for motorcycling, May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The goal of this public safety initiative is to bring motorists' attention to the presence of motorcycles in their vicinity while driving.

Do helmets save lives in motorcycle accidents?

Springtime is just around the corner in Minnesota, which means many motorcyclists will be taking their bikes out of storage to prepare them for use in the months ahead. However, motorcycle accidents are still a concern not just for the motorcyclists but also for others on the road.

Helmets may save lives, but motorcyclists can still suffer TBIs

Some motorcyclists in Minnesota dutifully wear a helmet every time they hit the road. However, others are not so cautious and ride without wearing a helmet. This is very dangerous, as motorcyclists have a high risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury if struck by an automobile.

Minnesota motorists must practice motorcycle awareness

Summer may be over, but Minnesota's trees will soon be bright with fall colors. An autumn ride on a motorcycle is a popular way for some people to enjoy these scenic views. However, this also means that other motorists must be aware of motorcycles to ensure everyone on the road remains safe.

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