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Understanding the risks of motorcycles

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are an exhilarating way to travel. Riding is a great way to feel free and in touch with the road. However, they are much more dangerous than other motorized modes of transportation. Bikers in Minnesota should understand the statistics around motorcycle accidents. Being aware of the risks is a smart way for people to know how to protect themselves as much as possible.

The numbers

Motorcycle accident statistics are very revealing. For example, fatalities on bikes are over 25 times more common than deaths in any other vehicle. Close to half of those deaths happen over the weekend. A little over a third of the people who die in motorcycle crashes are over the age of 50. Meanwhile, about a quarter of fatalities are riders under 30.

Breaking the numbers down further shows that the causes of accidents are not necessarily the ones that riders expect. Road conditions cause only about 2% of all motorcycle accidents. Going over the speed limit isn’t necessarily the issue. Accidents occur most commonly when bikers are going just 30 miles per hour. Other vehicles not understanding the biker’s right of way, however, is a factor in well over half of all motorcycle accidents.

Protect yourself

There are three key things bikers can do to protect themselves. First, they must be aware of their position and the vehicles around them. Secondly, be as visible as possible. Thirdly, wearing the proper gear, like leathers and, particularly, helmets, can provide at least some protection in the event of a collision.

Anyone who’s been injured in a multivehicle motorcycle accident should contact a lawyer. It may be possible to recover damages from a driver who is at fault. A competent attorney may be able to negotiate a better settlement than the initial offer from an insurance company.