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Car Accidents

Dangers of weather-related car accidents

Minnesota is famous for cold and snowy winter weather. And although the snow is beautiful, it makes for dangerous driving conditions. In addition to snow, Minnesota drivers often deal with wet roads, fog, ice and other dangers. Weather-related car accidents cause more...

Slow drivers create hazards

Speeding is known to increase collision risks, but driving too slow has its dangers. In Minnesota, inclement weather could lead some to drive slower in response to road conditions. However, driving too slow during normal conditions may contribute to hazards the driver...

Car accidents may cause serious injuries

A Minnesota motor vehicle accident may cause significant injuries that may hinder your ability to work or engage in other activities. As it may be possible to incur serious injuries in what you perceived to be a minor accident, it is a good idea to seek treatment...

Getting ready for winter driving

As the weather cools, it is time to start thinking about winter. While you may double-check the calendar and think about the weeks before the first snow falls, it is essential to ensure you prepare your vehicle before winter storms start to roll in. Whether you have...

The risks of driving while tired

Millions of drivers would never consider taking to the road while intoxicated. Yet, many of these same motorists might commute when excessively tired. They might not realize that drowsy driving mimics many effects of drunk driving, and a tired driver could cause a...


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