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Offering Clients In Minnesota And Wisconsin Probate And Estate Administration Legal Services

When a loved one passes away, there are certain affairs that need to be resolved. Most individuals will die with some assets or debt in their possession, and the legal process for reconciling these items — known as probate — can be complicated. An attorney with an established history in probate and estate administration can help.

Founding partner and attorney Mark Gaertner is ready to assist you and your family through probating an estate. Call his St. Paul office today at 651-968-8028 so that he may evaluate your situation.

A Guiding Voice During A Confusing Time

It’s not uncommon for someone to pass away without an estate plan, especially if the death was sudden. In these instances, the distribution of their assets can be complicated. Even with a comprehensive estate plan in place, it’s perfectly reasonable to have questions and need legal assistance.

Our firm can help with several facets of probate and estate administration, including:

  • The distribution of the deceased’s assets
  • Handling any unresolved creditor issues
  • Filing any necessary estate tax documents
  • Going to court or using mediation when needed to resolve probate cases

The probate process can be daunting, but an experienced lawyer can offer peace of mind. Our firm understands that this occasion can mean added stress during an already difficult time, and we do everything in our power to put our clients at ease.

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At Walsh & Gaertner, we take pride in our thoroughness and accuracy, and we employ those traits in each probate case that we take on. Email us, or call our office at 651-968-8028 to arrange for a free consultation.