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My daughter and I were traveling down I-95 when we were rear-ended. When we went to the hospital to be treated for our injuries, the doctor discovered that I had suffered compound fractures, had a bulging disk in my back and my daughter had experienced severe whiplash. When we returned home I called Walsh & Gaertner. The very next day Mark Gaertner came to our home to meet my daughter and I for the first time. I was so impressed that he didn’t talk to us over the phone, make us drive to meet him or pass us off to an assistant. I could tell that Mark honestly cared about me and my family.

After the accident my phone was ringing off the hook with calls from the insurance companies, but the minute Mark got involved all those calls stopped. I distinctly remember sitting in my living room with Mark when he said, “We’ll handle everything from here.”

Walsh & Gaertner got me compensation to cover my lost wages, doctors bills, prescriptions, I was even reimbursed for the gas money it took to travel to and from my doctors appointments.

Mark Gaertner went above and beyond to make sure that me and my family were taken care of. A few years ago I had worked with another personal Injury firm and every time I called them they didn’t seem to know who I was. With Walsh & Gaertner I felt like I was the most important client they had.