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  • Head-On Collision Involving A Father Of Three

    A 50-year-old father of three was killed on a dangerous roadway when another driver crossed the center line. The experts we had on our side could not be challenged. A settlement was reached prior to starting a lawsuit.


    Teenage Girl Partially Paralyzed In Auto Accident

    A19-year-old girl was ejected from the back seat of a car as it went off the road and into a small pond. She was trapped underneath the submerged vehicle until she was rescued and pulled to safety. After being airlifted to the hospital, the young woman was diagnosed with a serious spinal cord injury resulting in partial quadriplegia.

    At the time of the accident, the at-fault driver maintained a minimal insurance policy with liability limits of $50,000. The client had underinsured motorist coverage with limits of $250,000. At the time of the accident the girl’s parents believed they had a $1 million dollar umbrella policy in effect with Farmers Insurance Group. It was later discovered that while an application for the umbrella policy had been filled out, it was never submitted by the Farmers Insurance agent in order to procure coverage. Walsh & Gaertner was able to recover $600,000 of the $1 million dollar umbrella from Farmers Insurance for the policy that was never put into effect and no premium has ever been paid on.


    3-Year-Old Boy Suffers Brain Injury As Passenger

    A three-year-old boy was riding in the back seat of his sister’s vehicle when they were broadsided by a car traveling 40 miles per hour. The boy was thrown violently in the back seat, resulting in a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. His medical expenses exceeded $320,000 with a medical subrogation lien of nearly $300,000. Walsh & Gaertner‘s work was able to negotiate a reduction of the medical subrogation lien to $57,500 and obtain a structured settlement for the young boy worth over $820,000.00.


    Husband, Father Of 2 Teens Killed On Motorcycle

    On a county road in Farmington, Minnesota, a 44-year-old cement truck driver was killed by an unlicensed and uninsured driver only feet from his home. After a full day of riding his Harley Davidson, he was run over from behind as he was turning into his driveway. After a tough legal battle over the insurance coverage, Walsh & Gaertner succeeded in the end and was able to resolve the case for the family with a settlement that will pay them a large settlement over the next several years


    An Out-Of-State Accident With A Farm Truck

    A husband and wife sustained arm fractures, bruising, abrasions and chipped teeth during an accident with a farm truck. The accident changed their lives and forced early retirement. The case settled for a global offer.


    Rear-End Collision Behind MTC Bus At A Railroad Stop

    A 33-year-old man on his way to a job interview was rear-ended while he was stopped behind a bus at a railroad stop. He sustained a disk herniation requiring surgery. The case settled before trial.


    Father Killed In Tragic Motor Vehicle Crash

    For the first six months after the crash, the family tried to handle the wrongful death claim on their own because a friend told them they did not need a lawyer. The battle with the insurance company became so difficult the insurance company adjuster recommended to the family they hire our firm. We discovered two insurance policies that the family did not realize applied to the death of their father. These policies helped increase the total settlement.


    Motorcycle Passenger Injured In Bus Collision

    A high school student was riding on the back of a motorcycle that collided with a school bus. Plates and screws were needed to repair her arm fractures. Her jaw was broken, and she sustained numerous cuts and bruises. The case settled for before trial.


    Young Boy Run Over By A School Bus

    After exiting a school bus, a young boy was tragically killed when the bus ran over him. Our firm negotiated a settlement for the maximum amount of money available for a wrongful death action against the city of Minneapolis.


    Passenger Ejected From Car That Was Racing Illegally

    A high school girl was ejected from a vehicle during a head-on collision. She sustained a lacerated liver, a broken leg, dental injuries, a concussion, and several other lacerations. There was not much insurance money available. The case settled before trial.


    Young Boy Struck By Car While Crossing The Street

    A four-year-old boy was struck by a car while crossing the street near a park. The police report said he darted out into the roadway. We found a witness who said the car was speeding, and the boy did not dart out into the road. A special structured settlement was set up by Walsh & Gaertner.


    Drunk Driver Rear-Ends Special Needs Teacher

    A special needs teacher and her husband were shopping in Woodbury, Minnesota, when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver in the middle of the afternoon. At the moment of impact, the teacher was turned to her left speaking with her husband. The teacher damaged several disks and vertebra in her neck and back. Over the course of several years, she had multiple injections in her neck, and underwent several radio frequency medial branch neurotomies. The injuries prevented her from finishing out her career as a special needs teacher. The case settled at mediation, and Walsh & Gaertner was able to secure compensation to help pay her medical bills and supplement her lost wages.


    Car Accident In Northern Minnesota

    On his way to a lunch meeting, a recent college graduate was struck by a vehicle that failed to stop at an intersection. The young man suffered a rotator cuff tear and a torn hip labrum. The liability insurance company paid the policy limits of $100,000 and the underinsured motorist’s insurance company paid $50,000. The workers’ compensation insurer paid all the medical bills and wage loss.


    Child Hit By Car While Crossing Street At Bus Stop

    A third grade girl was struck by a vehicle while crossing a busy street in front of a school bus. the owner of the vehicle had no insurance. Our investigation revealed the girl should have been dropped off at a much safer intersection. We pursued a claim against the bus company for the driver’s failure to stop at the correct bus stop. The case settled, and all medical bills were paid in full.


    Student Injured Riding On The Back Of A Motorcycle

    A young college student was injured while riding on the back of a motorcycle. She was told the motorcycle driver was at fault and he did not have insurance. Our accident reconstructionist determined that another vehicle involved in the accident was at fault for the collision. The case settled before trial.


    Car Pushed Off The Road After Rear-End Collision

    A man was rear-ended while stopped in rush hour traffic. He tore his rotator cuff, which was surgically repaired. The case settled before trial.


  • Labor And Delivery Error

    During delivery, a baby became distressed, and the hospital personnel ignored the monitors. This error caused the baby to be born with cerebral palsy. Published medical literature was used in order to help resolve the case. The baby received a settlement of $2 million dollars.


    Failure To Diagnose Eye Abnormalities

    A young girl was having difficulties with her eyesight. At school, she could not read the black board. After being examined at school, the school recommended she be seen by an eye doctor. An optometrist prescribed glasses. The young girl continued to have problems while wearing glasses. She was sent to an ophthalmologist who tried a few treatments but nothing seemed to work. Over time, the girl developed a permanent loss of vision. It was discovered that a simple field of vision test could have diagnosed the problem. The case went to trial and the jury awarded $1.5 million dollars.


    Misdiagnosis Of Pneumonia

    A woman who worked in construction was having problems with shortness of breath. After a chest X-ray was taken, she was given some antibiotics and told she was probably having the breathing problems because she is a smoker. The X-ray clearly showed an abnormality in the lungs. The failure to diagnosis the pneumonia resulted in extensive lung surgeries and a permanent disability. Settled amount $500,000.


    Mismatched Hip Parts

    A middle-aged man underwent a total hip replacement. After the surgery, he had new problems with his hip. This resulted in three more hip surgeries. During one of the follow-up surgeries, he learned the hospital used mismatched parts. The difficulty in this case was showing who was wrong for the mismatched parts. We discovered the hip parts were sent in a box that was labeled incorrectly. Settlement amount confidential.


    Only Successful Malpractice Verdict Against Mayo Clinic

    There is only one successful verdict received in Rochester Courts against the Mayo Clinic. Cliff Knippel obtained this verdict, which is still talked about by his peers to this day. The case involved an ICU nurse who delayed needed treatment after the patient experienced complications from an IV. After undergoing various treatments and surgeries, the woman’s hand could not be saved. No offers were ever extended to settle the case. A jury returned a verdict of $450,000. The case eventually settled prior to an appeal with a confidential settlement.


  • Rescue Dog Attacks 6-Year-Old Girl In Dakota County

    A six-year-old girl was attacked by a rescue dog in suburban Dakota County. While playing in her neighborhood, the six-year-old girl saw the dog on a walk with the foster family. She asked if she could pet the dog and when she did, it attacked her biting off a 2″ section of her right cheek. The canine was being harbored by a “foster family” at the time. The animal rescue company attempted to conceal the true history of the dog by claiming it was rescued from a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

    Through our investigation, Walsh & Gaertner was able to locate the animal’s original owner of the dog. At his deposition, the owner testified that the animal had very aggressive tendencies toward strangers and that he was not able to control the animal any longer. The owner took the dog to a vet and paid to have it euthanized. Unbeknownst to the owner, the vet clinic contacted the rescue company who had the dog transported to the foster family in Dakota County. The rescue company never informed the foster family of the aggressive nature of the animal. After a tough discovery battle, Walsh & Gaertner settled the case before trial, allowing the girl to realize a large settlement to be paid out between her 18th and 32nd birthdays.


    Veteran Letter Carrier Attacked By Dog

    A 20-year veteran of the post office was attacked and bitten by a dog on his lower leg. Finding the owner of the dog was a challenge, but we succeeded. The case settled and the mail carrier received fair compensation for the scar on his leg.


  • Elderly Woman Falls On Icy Sidewalk

    A senior citizen fractured her leg, requiring surgery. The claim was denied by the landowner’s insurance company. Prior to trial, a settlement was reached with the insurance company. The settlement money paid all medical bills, and the remaining funds were put in an investment that pays out each month.


  • Negligence At Care Facility

    A care facility refused to act or to provide vulnerable adult transport to an area hospital who was complaining of severe abdominal pain. The patient died the next day. The lack of witnesses made this a difficult case. However, a timely investigation showed policies were not followed, and the facility was negligent for failing to call 911 and check on the patient. Settlement amount confidential.


    Wrongful Death Of A Lawyer

    A lawyer who was allergic to some foods began experiencing shortness of breath at a restaurant. He was taken to the hospital where he told the emergency room doctor of his allergies to food. The doctor gave him Benadryl even after he told the doctor Benadryl would not work. His inability to breath was ignored, and he eventually died. The case was settled against the hospital and the amount was confidential.