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Examining motorcycle accidents and how you can avoid being in one

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle in Minnesota can be fun and relaxing during the summer months. Unfortunately, it can also lead to severe injuries or death when another driver isn’t paying attention and hits you. In these cases, speed may be a factor, especially if they drive too fast for current road conditions.

Speeding is a significant factor in motorcycle accidents

When a person is speeding, their reaction time and the ability for their brakes to stop their vehicle decreases. This action can be highly detrimental if you’re riding your motorcycle leisurely and they aren’t staying alert. In some situations, they may hit you and cause a physical disability or worse. Statistics indicate that speeding is involved in 33% of deadly motorcycle accidents, which is the highest among vehicle body types. Staying alert and following the speed limit is essential if you’re riding a motorcycle and want to keep your health intact.

Gear up as a motorcycle rider

Protecting yourself as a motorcycle rider is essential. Wearing glasses or goggles is a must when using an open-face helmet. You also want to protect your hands by wearing gloves. In warm weather, you can put on specially designed gear that’s ventilated and cool. Motorcycle accidents can lead to being thrown on the ground. Wearing a DOT-approved helmet can be critical in keeping you from getting injured

Know your abilities when riding a motorcycle

Making sure you choose a route you are comfortable with when riding a motorcycle is important. The bike you choose to ride should fit you comfortably and allow you to put your feet securely on the ground when seated. If the motorcycle feels too heavy, it probably is. Becoming familiar with your route can also be an excellent way to stay focused on safety and not worry about missing a turn. When riding with a group, don’t push yourself. Always ride at the comfort level you can maintain safely.

Staying alert and knowing your limits should help you keep safe when riding a motorcycle. Watching out for motorcycle riders can help save lives and decrease injuries if you’re driving a motor vehicle.