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Client Testimonial – Thomas Peart-Minneapolis, MN

On Christmas Eve 2015, my family and I went out to dinner at a popular chain restaurant. As we were leaving I slipped and fell on black ice. I was very dizzy and felt a tremendous amount of pain in my neck, shoulder, hip and back. The pain was so bad I went straight to the hospital.

As soon as I left the emergency room I called Walsh & Gaertner and started working with Cliff. From my first phone call with Cliff I could tell that I was going to be treated like a friend, not a client. I felt like Cliff and his staff really cared about me as a person. In fact, the best part about working with Walsh & Gaertner was talking to Cliff about football. We even went to a couple of games together.

I can’t speak highly enough about the staff at Walsh & Gaertner. They’re outstanding, absolutely top notch and they got me the settlement I needed to pay my medical bills. I’d recommend Walsh & Gaertner to anyone who’s been injured in an accident.