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Potential signs of distracted driving 

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving is very dangerous. Just like impaired driving or fatigued driving, it means that the person isn’t fully alert and in control of their vehicle. And it happens every day.

To keep yourself safe, you may want to try to keep your distance from any driver that you suspect is distracted. But how can you know? Here are some signs to look for when you’re on the road:

Inconsistent speeds

One clear sign is when someone keeps speeding up and slowing down without any obvious reason to do so. Many drivers will slow down as they get distracted – when looking down at their phone, for instance – and then speed back up when their attention returns to the road.

Sudden braking

Similarly, distracted drivers will often hit the brakes without warning, or they may frequently tap the brakes in a way that goes beyond normal driving practices. It could be that the distraction is taking the person’s attention away from the road, so they keep being “surprised” when they look up at the traffic around them. This causes them to quickly hit the brakes as they try to get their bearings.

Drifting in their lane

One of the most obvious signs of distracted driving is when the person just can’t stay in their lane. Maybe they keep drifting off onto the shoulder. Perhaps they drift over the centerline and into oncoming traffic. Maybe they’re just weaving back and forth in their lane. This is a common symptom of impaired driving, as well, which helps to show how similar it is to distracted driving.

You can’t always avoid these dangerous drivers. If one of them injures you in an accident, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation.