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Art makes streets safer

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents often leave Minnesota residents reeling with serious injuries. However, a new study has shown that street art can reduce the number of accidents that occur and make the streets safer.

What was the study about?

A study was performed by Bloomberg Philanthropies that involved multiple areas for two years. These sites were examined before and after street art was painted on surfaces including sidewalks, underpasses, and roads. The researchers found that before the art, which is also known as asphalt art, was created, more car and other vehicle accidents occurred. However, after the art was in place, accidents decreased by 17%. Accidents that did take place were also less severe. Pedestrians and bicyclists were also less likely to be injured in those accidents.

What did the study determine about the art?

The purpose of street art is to improve safety. Some art depicts traffic signals on the roads and walkways to alert drivers to be more careful while sharing the roads with pedestrians and bicyclists to prevent accidents. The areas that were part of the study were mostly urban with large populations. One-quarter of the areas were suburban.

In addition to finding that the rate of serious car crashes was reduced, the study also saw that both drivers and pedestrians were less likely to act in risky behaviors when street art was present. Failure to yield to pedestrians is a common issue that leads to serious motor vehicle accidents. However, the study determined that drivers were 27% more likely to stop for pedestrians when street art was present.

What else does the study reveal?

Currently, the Federal Highway Administration doesn’t allow street art. Per its rules and regulations, anything painted on curbs and walkways must be certain colors and must look a certain way. Only local officials are permitted to make exceptions to allow street art to be installed. The study’s findings make it known that the presence of street art can improve the situation on the roads and reduce the number of accidents.