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Why might driving at Christmas be more risky?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes happen every day of the year, but some times of year are more dangerous than others. Public holidays typically see more crashes than normal, and Christmas is no exception. 

Here are some of the hazards to be aware of:

People drink more alcohol

A lot of people drink more than usual at Christmas and not only on Christmas Day but in the weeks before and after it.

Office parties and students meeting up when they return home from college are just two instances of social gatherings at this time of year that usually involve alcohol. With restaurants and bars crowded, it can make taxis and Ubers harder to come by or more expensive, so many people may decide to drive, even if they do not resist the alcohol on offer.

People can be tired when driving

A lot of people drive a long way to visit family over Christmas. They may do so after a busy last week at work and several late nights out. Then, when they reach their relatives, they continue staying up late and drinking to make the most of their precious days together. By the time they set off home, they may be exhausted as well as a little hungover. Both increase risk of crashes. 

Christmas can be stressful

Rushing around getting presents or last-minute food items does not make for a relaxed state of mind in which to drive. Combine it with busy roads and stores and people fighting for parking spaces, and tempers can flare, causing drivers to drive aggressively.

If someone injures you this Christmas, it’s important to understand your options to claim compensation.