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Actions after a hit-and-run

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Hit-and-run drivers are dangerous to commuters, bicyclists, pedestrians, and others and often intend to avoid dealing with the consequences of their actions by fleeing. Doing so could open them to criminal charges in Minnesota. Victims may sue the hit-and-run driver to recover their losses.

Hit-and-run driving

One of the riskiest steps an accident victim could take after getting struck by a hit-and-run driver is confronting the person. Chasing the driver could lead to a dangerous confrontation. Those who can note the fleeing driver’s license plate number could provide the police with a way to track down the suspect.

When the police get involved, the officer will take a report. A police report could note many facts related to the arrest. The police report could then serve as evidence in any future litigation.

Any witnesses to the collision could provide identifying information, which is why getting their contact information might be necessary. Their version of the events may put all the liabilities on the shoulders of the fleeing driver, which might help the plaintiff’s case.

Compensation for hit-and-run collisions

When a vehicle collides with another, the inflicted collision damage could require extensive repairs. The driver and passenger inside the impacted vehicle may suffer severe injuries. The fleeing driver may only focus on escaping, potentially risking additional car accidents or hitting a pedestrian. Other victims could also seek civil damages for any injuries suffered.

An insurance claim might provide a way to recover losses. If the hit-and-driver does not carry auto liability insurance, the victims may be able to file a claim against their uninsured motorist coverage. The claims process could be similar, involving negotiations with the insurance company.

Third parties might bear responsibility for a victim’s injuries. A commercial driver’s employer could face a lawsuit, depending on whether they contributed to the accident.