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Deadly head-on collisions are a challenge to investigate

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Car Accidents |

One of the most violent collisions takes place when two vehicles crash into each other from opposite directions. The opposing forces increase the amount of damage done to the vehicles and their occupants, which is why they are often deadly. When no one is left to talk to investigators about the factors leading up to these head-on collisions, the investigations become a challenge for authorities here in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Police in one part of Minnesota may have a challenge ahead of them as they work to figure out what led to the death of two people on a recent Monday morning. Only their drivers occupied the two vehicles involved when they crashed violently into each other head-on. The roadway where the accident took place remained closed for hours as authorities conducted their on-scene investigation.

At last report, the investigation remained ongoing. In the meantime, the families of the victims in this tragedy will have to wait for answers. In addition to simply needing or wanting to know why their loved ones died, surviving family members may also need that information as they move forward with insurance claims and possibly litigation.

Gaining an understanding of what happened in an accident helps the courts make a determination of fault, which is needed in order to award one party damages. However, as is the case in other fatal head-on collisions, a thorough investigation not only into the mechanical aspects of the crash but also into the events that led to it is crucial. It may not be enough to rely on the official investigation, so working with an attorney with experience in these matters could bring additional evidence to light that could move a claim forward.



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