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4 hazards motorcyclists face in summertime

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists enjoy heading out on the open road, but this comes at a great risk because of the many hazards they face. These hazards can all cause a motorcyclist to have a serious wreck, which may lead to a catastrophic injury.

Motorcyclists don’t have the protection that comes with a vehicle frame surrounding them, so even seemingly minor crashes can lead to serious injuries. Some common crash causes they have to contend with during the summer include the following.

Road conditions

Summer months often see an uptick in road construction, which can be dangerous for motorcyclists. These work sites can come with uneven pavement and obstacles in the road. Some drivers might try to rush through these areas so they may not see motorcyclists and crash into them.


Wildlife is particularly problematic from dusk until dawn when certain animals, such as deer, are more active and may dart into the roadway. A motorcyclist may swerve to try to avoid hitting an animal, which may lead to them losing control of the motorcycle. There’s also a risk of the animal hitting a motorcycle, leading to the motorcyclist being knocked down.

Grass clippings

Grass clippings in the road are slippery, particularly when they’re wet. Even morning dew can lead to these clippings becoming as slick as ice for the motorcyclist. Riding over these can lead to the motorcyclist losing control of the motorcycle.

Inattentive drivers

Drivers who aren’t paying attention may violate the motorcyclist’s right of way. Intersections are a particularly dangerous place for motorcyclists because drivers may not see them because of the motorcycle’s small profile. Drivers who are impaired, fatigued or distracted can also slam into motorcycles.

Any motorcyclist who’s injured because of the negligence of another party may opt to pursue a compensation claim. This is an opportunity to hold that party liable for the financial damages that the victim is facing. Those damages can include medical care costs, lost wages and a variety of other expenses. Victims only have a limited time to get claims filed, so swift action is critical.