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Why overreliance on auto tech is dangerous

On Behalf of | May 25, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

From lane assist systems to blindspot alerts and backup cameras, modern vehicles are packed with some amazing technology – but that may not be a good thing.

Technological advancements in vehicles have transformed the driving experience. However, as technology becomes more pervasive, drivers may find that the tech actually gets them into accidents as often as it may avoid them. Here’s why:

Overconfidence and complacency

Adaptive cruise controls and automatic emergency braking can leave some drivers with a false sense of security. They may take the “autopilot” feature of their AI-powered car a bit too literally, and become too trusting. This can lead to less focus on the mechanics of driving, poor overall driving skills and slower reaction times in an emergency.

Technological failures and confusion

There are plenty of people out there who don’t understand how to get a document from their cellular device to a printer – and they are the same folks who may suddenly be grappling with high-tech automotive features that don’t seem intuitive to them. Confusion over how an auto’s safety technology actually works can lead to serious accidents. Plus, high-tech systems can be prone to failure due to design flaws, viruses, takeovers by “hackers” and other problems.

Distracted and drowsy driving

In some high-tech vehicles, a driver may feel like there’s so little for them to do once every system is fully engaged that they find themselves lost in thought and utterly distracted – and that can be problematic when the vehicle’s safety systems fail or aren’t equipped to handle a situation. Drivers may also more easily “nod off” behind the wheel when their minds aren’t actively engaged in the mechanics of driving.

Modern tech can be genuinely beneficial in vehicles, but only so long as drivers remember that it has limits. Should you end up in a wreck with a driver who turned the job over to their car’s AI or other technological features, it would be wise to seek legal guidance.