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Tips for ensuring pedestrian safety in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Everyone is a pedestrian in Minnesota regardless of the mode of mobility. Yet, many individuals fail to take the necessary precautions when walking on any road. As a result of this negligence, 500 Minnesotans lose their lives each year from pedestrian-related accidents. It’s essential to realize the importance of taking safety measures to stay safe and secure while getting around.

The main cause of pedestrian accidents

Most pedestrian accidents occur when drivers ignore the right of way and don’t take extra caution when driving near a pedestrian. When a motorist is distracted or rushes to reach his or her destination, he or she often fails to see a pedestrian in the area or simply doesn’t give the person enough time to cross the street. To make matters worse, pedestrians can also be distracted by their electronic devices, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Tips for pedestrians

The most effective way for pedestrians to stay safe is by paying attention and being aware of their surroundings. Before crossing the street, look both ways, and wait for an appropriate gap in traffic even if you have the right of way. Additionally, it’s important to wear bright-colored clothing and use reflective materials like armbands or flashing lights when out at night or during bad weather. Finally, avoid using your phone while walking, when possible, as it can significantly reduce your ability to react quickly to potential dangers around you.

Tips for drivers

As a driver, it’s essential that you remain focused on the road ahead and always yield to pedestrians. When making turns, be sure to use your signal, and take extra caution when driving near a crosswalk or an area with increased foot traffic. Additionally, avoid distractions, such as eating, adjusting the radio or talking on your phone, while behind the wheel. Finally, reduce your speed in residential areas or school zones, and always follow posted speed limits.

Basically, reducing pedestrian accidents comes down to being vigilant and following the rules of the road. Drivers and pedestrians should both do their part to ensure everyone is safe when out on the street. This is why the court often holds both parties liable when an accident occurs (comparative negligence) even when you think you are the victim.