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Slow drivers create hazards

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Speeding is known to increase collision risks, but driving too slow has its dangers. In Minnesota, inclement weather could lead some to drive slower in response to road conditions. However, driving too slow during normal conditions may contribute to hazards the driver does not realize.

Slow driving

When someone drives too slowly, the vehicles behind the car might slow down, too. A backup could result, creating the potential for rear-end collisions. Drivers that don’t expect a backup to occur during a routine commute at a time not known for heavy traffic may rear-end the car in front of them.

Granted, the driver that hits another vehicle could be liable for the collision if they were distracted or speeding. Still, the person who caused the backup might be partially liable. Driving too slow and impeding traffic is a moving violation in Minnesota, and moving violations could support negligence claims.

Another concern about slowing or blocking traffic would involve people changing lanes to pass. Passing a slower vehicle is acceptable in many situations, but some drivers may respond aggressively and hit another vehicle upon changing lanes. Aggression sometimes leads to bad judgment and a lack of caution. Also, such problems might compound if someone drives too slow in the left lane forcing cars to pass on the right.

Legal issues

The police may arrive on the scene after car accidents happen, and the resultant investigation might reveal more than one party is at fault. All those whose negligence played a role in causing a crash may appear in the police report. Expect the report to serve as evidence in a civil lawsuit.

Motor vehicle accidents could leave victims suffering from life-altering injuries. People who drive should be careful while on the road.