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Car and motorcycle crashes examined

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Minnesota commuters may prefer a motorcycle or a car when traveling. Regardless of how one travels, avoiding accidents should be a priority.

Motorcycle and car accidents

Not surprisingly, motorcycle accident statistics reveal a much higher percentage of fatalities per registered vehicle than ones involving cars. Fatalities involving car crashes are significant. 2018 alone saw 36,560 car crash-related deaths.

Anyone operating a motorcycle might experience increased dangers than if someone in a sedan took the same route. Motorcycles lack the protections a vehicle provides, such as a frame, seat belts, airbags, and more. So, it becomes necessary that motorcyclists wear protective gear and apparel, such as helmets and motorcycle riding-specific clothing.

Even so, a motorcyclist who operates a vehicle safely might avoid the risks a reckless car driver experiences. A speeding driver might be unable to stop in time to avoid a collision, while a motorcyclist who adheres to the speed limit could. Speeding plays a significant role in many motorcycle and car accidents, and the moving violation is common.

Problematic behaviors among drivers and motorcyclists

Intoxicated driving remains another pervasive problem, as car and motorcycle drivers may travel under the influence. Doing so presents dangers to everyone on the road since the driver or motorcyclist’s cognitive abilities and reaction times may suffer. Motor vehicle accidents may occur under those circumstances.

Distracted driving also comes with dangers; not all distracted behaviors involve gross negligence. Someone watching a Blu-ray on a mounted display screen likely is not paying much attention to the road. However, even someone glancing at traffic storefronts or carrying a conversation might lapse enough to hit another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Such negligent actions could leave a driver or motorcyclist facing negligence claims after a collision. Those harmed may seek compensation for their losses, including potential punitive damages.