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Pedestrian fatalities spike in 2020

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Cities try to prevent pedestrian accidents by building sidewalks and crosswalks. There are traffic lights, stop signs and speed bumps that attempt to slow down drivers as they approach crowded areas. Despite all of these safety measures, pedestrian deaths in Minnesota have increased in 2020 since 2019.

The increase in fatalities

In 2020, fewer drivers appeared on the roads. Despite this decline in driving, hundreds more pedestrians were killed in road accidents than in previous years. The number of 6,721 fatalities increased the average rate by 4.8% since 2019.

The major reasons for this surge, despite the lack of driving, include speeding and distracted driving. Driving while distracted, such as texting while driving, has become an epidemic on U.S. roads and highways. Pedestrians that are walking on sidewalks and roads or crossing the streets are all vulnerable if they are located near distracted drivers. In most cases, the driver, who is operating a heavy-duty vehicle, is more responsible for the accident than the pedestrian.

The frequency of walking accidents

Walking is a popular method of transportation in rural, suburban and urban areas. However, pedestrian deaths occur more frequently in urban cities where there are many roads and many vehicles. Regardless of the availability of sidewalks, pedestrian accidents occur in any place from parking lots to highways. A pedestrian can be injured on any road that intersects with a walkway.

The safety of walking is always questionable around busy roads. From rural paths to three-lane highways, pedestrian accidents cause thousands of fatalities per year. Throughout 2020, more people walked, fewer people drove and more pedestrians were killed that year.