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Many drivers embrace distracting smartphone use

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Few would say distracted driving is safe, yet many people embrace dangerously distracting habits. Modern technology makes it easy to talk or text on the phone while driving, a practice that puts people’s lives in danger. Hands-free smartphone use doesn’t automatically mean safer use, either. A driver whose mind is elsewhere could cause a crash on a Minnesota road as well.

Distracted driving remains a common problem

Talking on a smartphone takes concentration away from the road and directs it elsewhere. Occupying one’s hands while driving could further undermine safety, but a surprising number of drivers use their smartphones. State Farm conducted a survey that revealed upwards of 90% of drivers admit to using a smartphone when driving. A survey conducted by AAA reveals about one-third of drivers read on their phone while driving.

Distracted driving may take other forms, and even listening to music could distract someone long enough to cause an accident. Certain behaviors, such as phone use, may present more risks than others, creating dangers. Safety always counts when driving, as even an accident at low speeds may leave someone with terrible injuries.

Distracted drivers may cause harm

Talking on a phone might result in a driver going through a red light or committing another moving violation. Car accidents and collisions could inflict tremendous harm on other drivers or pedestrians, considering the weight and size of some vehicles.

Victims might struggle with recovery since some injuries could require extensive treatment and repair. Psychologically, an accident victim may suffer from years of post-traumatic stress disorder, all because someone couldn’t wait until reaching a destination to use a phone. After facing a substantial lawsuit judgment, distracted drivers responsible for these accidents may forever regret their decision.