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Victims of auto-pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrians do not need to jaywalk or otherwise put themselves at risk of getting hit by a car. A driver might make a mistake, such as turning without looking for walkers or joggers and hit someone. Minnesota accident victims may require immediate medical attention after the incident, and some might even suffer fatal injuries. Injured pedestrians could find themselves facing significant medical bills and other costs. Questions might arise about how to deal with financial issues caused by a pedestrian accident.

Auto liability insurance and pedestrian accidents

Drivers carrying liability coverage may rely on their insurance company to cover a pedestrian’s claim. Pedestrians may take solace in the fact that an insurance claim could eliminate the need to file a lawsuit. A successful insurance claim may result in a settlement that covers medical expenses and more. However, things aren’t always so straightforward.

Pedestrians may discover they were hit by an uninsured driver. If the victim has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, he or she may file a claim on the policy. Hopefully, the policy limits will be enough to cover the losses.

Further concerns after a pedestrian accident

A driver might carry $300,000 in liability insurance, but the fatal pedestrian accidents or ones leading to catastrophic injuries could require suing above the at-fault driver’s policy limits. Not everyone has assets beyond their insurance limits, but many do. Those persons could carry an umbrella policy with excess liability coverage, making a much higher settlement possible.

The insurance company could attempt to make a low settlement offer. Or, worse, the company might try to negotiate in bad faith, leading to potential legal action. Presenting credible evidence could help a case.