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Necessary car accident claim documentation

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many car accident victims in Minnesota do not understand what steps to take following a mishap. For most claimants, this begins with contacting the responsible party’s insurance company after all of the dust has settled. The necessary documentation when submitting a claim typically depends on whether the claimant was a passenger or a driver. Injured passengers are usually focused on medical bills and general damages while drivers will also often have a physical property issue in addition to a personal injury claim. Here are a few types of documentation that will be needed.


Those who were driving at the time of an accident will need an official accident report that names the responsible driver who is covered by the particular insurance company. Additionally, an estimate of repairs may also be needed even if the vehicle is totaled. Insurance companies are usually notified about auto accidents well before the driver contacts them.

Injured parties

Injured parties will usually need as much medical evidence as they have when filing a claim. Medical bills establish a timeline that assists in proving the claim if it were to go to court. Additionally, those who are unable to work will need documentation from their employer such as prior paycheck stubs to serve as validation of employment in order to claim lost wages. Those who have taken pictures after auto accidents should keep that information private and only use it if there is a problem with proving the claim.

Personally documenting the event is a very important response immediately following any mishap. Photographs are rarely questionable evidence, and many times pictures can support the defense of a driver who may be facing a comparative negligence argument in court. Always keep photographs private until they are needed.