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The epidemic of pedestrian injuries in cities

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Minnesota residents who choose to walk must exercise caution when traveling through busy city streets. Thousands of pedestrians die every year doing what humans do naturally. For many people, walking serves as a way to relieve stress and relax. However, an accident can change all of that in an instant.

The dangers of walking in big cities

Pedestrian accidents commonly occur as the result of errors in judgment and attention. Understanding the most common ways a pedestrian gets into an accident can help you stay safer on the streets. While you have the right of way when the crosswalk indicates it’s your time to walk, making eye contact with drivers can aid you in getting across safely. When waiting to walk, exercise extra caution when a driver is making a left turn and paying attention primarily to oncoming traffic.

Avoiding negligent drivers can help you stay safer. In some cases, dangerous road conditions may contribute to the accident, which may mean placing the blame on the city and not the driver. Exercise caution while walking and staying aware of conditions that could contribute to a hazardous condition may help you stay safer and avoid blame for an accident.

Pedestrians can only do so much to prevent an accident. The person walking rarely gets the blame in most scenarios. Stay aware of your surroundings and pay extra attention when walking in poor weather and reduced visibility to protect yourself from harm.

Finding support for a pedestrian-related accident

Determining fault for a pedestrian accident may seem like a difficult process. Pedestrian accidents happen commonly, but this doesn’t remove fault from the driver or the city. By understanding your rights, you can often receive compensation for the losses that you have incurred.