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Is distracted driving more dangerous in construction areas?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Unfortunately, a significant number of distracted driving-related accidents in Minnesota and elsewhere has led to increased awareness of the danger. The problem of distraction behind the wheel can be even more dangerous in a construction zone.

Road conditions, environments and distractions

Drivers will benefit from operating a vehicle carefully when traveling through more hazardous sections of the road. Highways undergoing construction often require reduced speeds since workers and machinery add potential risks. Drivers fumbling with their vehicle’s touchscreen or phone might not:

  • See a worker holding a stop sign.
  • Notice debris or hazards in the road.
  • Notice a vehicle has stopped.
  • Realize cones are detouring traffic.

The increased accident risk in a construction zone is backed up by data. A University of Missouri study revealed that drivers are 29% more likely to become involved in an accident while traveling through a highway construction zone. A 29% increase represents a potentially harrowing risk without even taking distractions into account.

Distracted driving remains a problem

Many entities invest time, money and effort in attempts to raise awareness about distracted driving. Increased awareness might lead some drivers to pay more attention to the road and less attention to entertainment systems, smartphones and other sources of distractions. Even drinking coffee while driving or paying attention to a passenger could cause distractions.

Regrettably, distracted driving accidents remain a risk of the road as some drivers might be slow to break bad habits. Even safe and conscientious drivers may find themselves momentarily distracted, which might lead to an accident.

Driving while distracted is typically seen as negligence, so a car accident victim may seek compensation from the responsible party. Car accidents and related civil suits center on a defendant’s negligent behavior. An attorney may represent an accident victim and help prove a driver’s negligence in court or during insurance settlement negotiations.