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Texting and walking contributes to the dangers pedestrians face

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents |

The topic of distracted driving has gained a lot of attention in recent years. One primary focus of the anti-distraction campaign is texting while driving, which is a significant danger to everyone on or near Minnesota’s roadways. However, something that people do not address enough is texting and walking.

Texting requires a significant amount of attention whether a Minnesota resident is driving or walking. It still takes a person’s attention off the task at hand. Even when an individual does not stray into traffic while texting or otherwise using a smartphone, broken bones, sprains and more serious injuries could occur. However, it is the fact that when a distracted pedestrian and a distracted driver meet, it is the person walking who will suffer the most.

If a pedestrian needs to answer a text, there is no rule against stopping to do so. Step out of the lane of foot traffic and take the time to read and answer it. If walking with music appeals to an individual, turning on a preselected playlist and keeping the volume low enough to hear traffic would be preferable. Pedestrians need to pay particular attention at intersections regardless, but this would certainly not be the time to check a text, make a call or otherwise us a smartphone. Instead, put the phone down, make sure the way is clear and even try to establish eye contact with drivers to help ensure a safe crossing.

Despite taking measures to ensure his or her safety, including not texting and walking, a pedestrian may still become the victim of an accident. If it appears that the vehicle driver’s negligence or recklessness led to the victim’s serious injuries, it may be possible to pursue restitution for the financial losses and other damages sustained in the aftermath of the crash. To increase the chances of a successful outcome, it would be worthwhile to seek out the advice and support of an experienced personal injury lawyer.