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Damages may be sought after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Car Accidents |

A car accident can be a devastating experience for a Minnesota family. Not only may victims suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries, but they may also incur significant costs that they are not prepared to pay for. To determine the best course of action for recovery in the wake of a car crash, a victim can speak with a personal injury attorney to get case-specific advice.

This post does not offer legal guidance, but the following discusses some of the types of damages that victims may be able to recover. One of the most sizable forms of damages is based on the victim’s incurred medical costs. A victim who must undergo medical assessments, treatments, surgeries, procedures, and other care-related medical evaluations may amass major bills and hefty expenses.

Another major form of financial loss that a victim may suffer after an accident is the loss of their income. If a victim must stop working in order to heal, they may not be paid for the time they must spend away from work. After an accident, a victim may be able to pursue their lost wages as damages from the party that caused their harm.

Damages related to pain and suffering, emotional stress, loss or deterioration of their personal relationships, and others may all be relevant to a personal injury claim. As no two cases are identical, it is important that victims get advice that is relevant to their own situations. Not all forms of damages may be relevant to all car accident claims.