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Our Business Law Attorneys Offer Services For All Types Of Business Contracts

All business relationships are built on contracts and are only as strong as the clarity and enforceability of those contracts. In many cases, when a problem arises, and your business is losing money from accounts receivables, it is often due to the clarity of the contract itself.

As an extension of our national commercial collections practice, Walsh & Gaertner also offers business contract services to our clients. We can help you rewrite and revise your business contracts to make them clearer, stronger and easier to enforce.

Closing Loopholes And Eliminating Vague Provisions

Ideally, a business contract will set forth crystal-clear expectations for both parties, with no opportunity for creative interpretation or confusion. Imprecise language, unclear legal jargon and other common mistakes lead to both honest disputes and dishonest attempts by one party to renege on certain obligations or payment.

Our lawyers will review and rewrite your business contracts with you, ensuring they contain the following elements in clear and accurate language:

  • A detailed description of services rendered or goods provided.
  • Specific payment obligations, including due dates, conditions for when payments must be made and how payment is expected.
  • The venue and method for resolving disputes, should they arise.
  • The agreed-upon circumstances allowing either party to terminate the contract.
  • Enforcement mechanisms if either party breaches the agreement.
  • The jurisdiction under which the contract will be governed (for companies in different states).

We will also ensure no clerical details are missed, such as the legal spelling of a business name, the specific parties in the contract and who is authorized to make decisions on behalf of each business (if applicable).

Let Us Be Your Partner In Receivables – Contact Us Today

Our two-pronged approach ( helping you collect owed money and reshaping contracts based on what is learned through litigation) can make your business more efficient and profitable. In time, your accounts receivables will operate at a much smaller deficit for shorter durations, increasing your business’ cash flow.

Walsh & Gaertner is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and offers business contract services to clients throughout the United States. To learn how beneficial it can be to partner with our experienced attorneys, call us at 651-968-8028, or send us an email.