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Child Injuries

As a parent, your child’s well-being is always a central focus. When an accident happens, your natural inclination is to do anything possible to protect them. If they have suffered a serious injury, that can mean helping to position them for a happy, comfortable and long life.

At Walsh & Gaertner, many of our lawyers and staff have children of their own, so we understand how difficult such an occurrence can be for a family. If you are in need of an attorney for child injuries, contact our St. Paul office at 651-968-8028 for a free consultation to discuss your potential options. We are prepared to take on your case and work for the best possible resolution and settlement.

All Manners Of Danger Can Befall A Child

Despite your best efforts, you cannot shield your child from every possible danger. As they are innately curious, children can land themselves in perilous positions, succumbing to serious, sudden injuries. On other occasions, accidents are simply unavoidable. Some common sources of child injuries include:

  • Defective toys or playground equipment
  • Bites from dogs or other pets
  • A school or day care injury on the property or due to negligent supervision or abuse
  • Motor vehicle accidents during joyriding and other instances

It is important to consider that a child may have to live with a serious injury for the rest of their life. A disability or disfigurement could be a lasting burden for which they are owed compensation they will need. Our firm is committed to helping children and their families get what they need to move forward.

We Can Help Your Family On The Path To Recovery

An injury to your child can be both emotionally and financially devastating. At Walsh & Gaertner, we help Minnesota families as they navigate a uniquely stressful life event. Contact us today by phone at 651-968-8028, or send us an email by visiting our contact page.

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