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Car Accidents

The risks of driving while tired

Millions of drivers would never consider taking to the road while intoxicated. Yet, many of these same motorists might commute when excessively tired. They might not realize that drowsy driving mimics many effects of drunk driving, and a tired driver could cause a...

The facts about teen drivers in Minnesota

Minnesota parents might spend years dreading the day when their teenager gets behind the wheel for the first time, and for good reason. For years the data has suggested that motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death for U.S. teens. However, that...

Many drivers embrace distracting smartphone use

Few would say distracted driving is safe, yet many people embrace dangerously distracting habits. Modern technology makes it easy to talk or text on the phone while driving, a practice that puts people's lives in danger. Hands-free smartphone use doesn't automatically...

Tips for staying safe while driving in the snow

Winters in Minnesota are often bitterly cold. You are probably also used to seeing a lot of snow, which makes commuting more challenging. If you have to drive in the snow, you should use these tips to stay safer. Drive extra carefully Driving on slippery surfaces like...

Minnesota and UM/UIM insurance requirements

Most states require drivers to carry at least minimum liability car insurance to cover other drivers. However, each state sets its own level of minimum coverage, and 20 states require more than liability. Drivers in St. Paul, Minnesota, must buy some additional...


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