A personal injury trial can be a costly endeavor. For both the plaintiff and the defendant, entering the courtroom can mean rapidly accumulating legal fees, which can potentially diminish even the most positive outcome.

Advantages Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

It isn't out of the ordinary for emotions to run high during civil litigation, including car accidents, dog bites or a child who was hurt on school grounds. When there are life-changing injuries and a considerable financial sum at stake, both sides can be reluctant to concede any ground, even if they recognize that some form of a settlement is in order. ADR can offer several advantages in these instances, including:

  • Saves money. Mediation services are significantly less expensive than bringing a lawsuit to trial.
  • Quicker turnaround. A lawsuit can be a lengthy pursuit, sometimes taking years to complete. A mediation can be done in just days or weeks.
  • Confidentiality. Court cases are a matter of public record, whereas ADR can offer more private proceedings.

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